How To Make Me Answer Your Call, Stranger?

I don't answer to unknown numbers. Common sense. If you somehow got my number - you probably can text me in social network (VK is preferred) or send SMS. Otherwise - you don't really want to talk to me OR you are somebody I don't want to talk with (random number who try to sell me stuff). But sometimes I am not accessible via social networks, so I created a solution - microservice which sends me your name and phone number via Telegram Bot API.

Technology That Should Be Installed

How Do I Run It

I recommend to run it behind another nginx reverse proxy with domain name and HTTPS enabled (because that's how I do it using Docker-Webserver).

You Don't Have Telegram Bot

Create it, configure and go to the next step. Tutorial.

You Have Telegram Bot

  • Clone the repository to your server
  • Copy .env to .env.production.local and change latter:
BOT_TOKEN - your Telegram Bot token.

CHAT_ID - ID of chat between you and Telegram Bot (write to it first and then get the ID via API).

TIMEZONE - timezone used to determine when it should send Go To Bed responses.
  • Run this from root folder of the repository:
cd frontend && npm install && cd ..

sudo ./scripts/production 80

You can provide 0 instead of 80 to listen on Unix domain socket call-nginx.sock that will be accessible through nginx volume.

Voila, it should work.

Happy Experimenting!

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